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Enjoy unique custom designed stone patterns
NC Custom Veneer Stone

Today more so than ever being unique is important and increases the value of your home and outdoor patio space. Phillips Custom Stone designs each veneer stone pattern by hand, cuts and shapes each stone and creates a beautiful finished product for your home build, fire pit or outdoor patio project. Natural North Carolina Stone is easily shipped from the mountain of Boone NC, to your home or job site all over the country. Our artisans have developed a custom made system than cuts each stone, making it more affordable and stronger than 6″ veneer stone. Plus, this unique process cuts installation time in half, saving you tons of money — money that can be spend elsewhere on your project. Our over 25 years of experience in the building trade and stone-cutting business has allowed us to create hundreds of home and patio projects across the state of North Carolina. From Blowing Rock NC, to Boone, Morganton NC, Charlotte, Winston Salem, Hickory and Greensboro our designs have created some unique looking gardens and homes. Call us today for a free quote or help in planning your next project. Mobile 828.964.3814  Office 828.355.9800 or visit us online phillipscustomstone.com