NC and TN NATURAL Veneer STONE  For Homes & Businesses

New construction remodeling with natural stone is always a great choice for your home. Stone not only adds beauty to your home, but it will also increase the value.

Here is what separates us from other companies and truly makes our company unique. Four years ago we began to make our own patterns of stone using a hydraulic stone breaker and diamond saws. Our stone is around one inch thick. We design each pattern to look like the heavy six inch stone that we have laid in the mountains of North Carolina. We cut a pattern of stone you’ll love and what you would expect from a true Stone Artisan. Because each stone is thinner than a 6 inch stone it cuts your installation time and costs in half, plus there is no need for additional base structures. Our work provides a lifetime of enjoyment. Today as we have joined forces with Humprey's Masonry, we now can provide even better service and acess to more North Carolina and Tennesse veneer stones.


stone sales and delivery nationwide

One thing that is unique about our company is that our equipment allows us to buy stone direct from the quarries. Taking out the middle man makes natural stone more affordable for our customers and we pass the savings on to you.


Inspiring Designs and Superior Products direct from the mountains of North Carolina

Using our over 25 years of experience we can custom order exterior stone for a fraction of the cost. A unique look you’re going to love!



From elaborate natural hardscapes with moss-covered boulders to beautiful stone steps, waterfalls and ponds; dry stack retaining walls, patios and walkways to a simple column at the end of your driveway we have you covered. We can help you design AND ORDER THE PERFECT VENEER STONE to create the hardscape of your dreams.

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Half The price Of 6" Veneer Stone

Our stone masons with years of experience use a unique process to custom cut each stone, saving you installation time and money.

Beautiful veneer stone delivered to
your home or jobsite.

Superior products to make your dreams a reality.

If you can dream it we can help you with all your stone needs.

Quality, Stone products delivered to North Carolina, Tennesee and Virginia. Give us a call today or visit our web site.

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