Our unique stone-cutting and shaping process is so new we usually have lots of questions from our clients. Here are just a few...

How does you process speed up installation ?

Basically our process custom cuts each stone to a thinner and durable 1" thickness - this allows for less installation time and no need to build additional support structures, as the weight is much lighter than a 6" stone. Lighter and thinner, yet very durable guaranteeing years of enjoyment.

Can you ship stones any where in the US?

Yes, we’ll ship your custom stones any where in the US; yet, we only install in the western parts of North Carolina.

Why is the overall cost half of what you would normally spend on veneer stones?

There are two reasons for our lower costs (1) Our stones are cut half the thickness of most veneer stones and because we are located in the mountain of North Carolina and work directly with rock quarries, we can cut out the middle man. We pass this savings onto you. Also our speed in delivery helps to reduce your contracting times and allows you to finish your projects ahead of schedule, saving you tons of money.